Career counsellors play a crucial role in many lives. Students need a lot of information before making any career decision. Therefore, more and more people turn towards career counsellors to get any information they require to shape their careers.

Career counsellors help in identifying the right career skills and path. They are in a lot of demand in India due to the high population of youth. Career counselling is not only helpful for students but senior professionals also. 

Numerous people miss out on the golden opportunity of entering this field due to a lack of knowledge and resources about the scope of Career Counselling in India.

In this article, you will understand the width of career counselling in India in detail

1. India’s Demographics

A large part of India’s population is of working age. Therefore, numerous people need help with their professional careers. Some of them are going to go to a new college or university. And some of them are about to start their new professional journey.

2. Demand-Supply Gap

According to India’s current population, there is a need for 1.4 million career counsellors to bridge the gap between demand and supply. Because of this large gap, there is a constant need for counsellors.

3. Career Counselling In India – Size

Due to the immense demand for career counsellors, the proportion of the market is also vast. The estimated size of the market for need of career guidance and assessment is Rs. 5000 crores. There is a shortage of professionals. Moreover, there is a large part of the market that is undiscovered.

4. Broad Career Opportunities

Career counselling in India is one of those rare opportunities that offers a wide area to work. It allows one to work with students, parents, professionals, and graduates. It opens a lot of scope for exposure. The environment also keeps changing continually. Due to this broad-ranging exposure and experience gained by career counsellors, they might get a chance to consult various professionals at an enterprise.

5. Technology

The world of technology is incredibly dynamic. With new technological developments taking place every day, it has become even tougher to understand the right career to choose. There are various sources for providing the same information leading to chaos and confusion. At this point, a person prefers to turn towards a career counsellor. It is one of the qualities of a career counsellor that they are well aware of the market. They keep themselves updated about all the latest trends and techniques in the market. Possessing knowledge about the current affairs of the career market is mandatory for them to contribute to career development.

6. Career Counselling In India – Low Investment

This field does not require a massive investment. Of course, the certification of a career counselor is a must. Other than that, any person can operate as a career counsellor for every part of the country using the right industry-leading career counselling platform. But understand one thing clearly, certification is the key to success to become a successful career counsellor. 

Conclusion – Career Counselling In India

Apart from certification and education, staying in touch with changing environment is a must. One can use online videos and libraries to keep yourself updated. A career counselor has various options available to settle in the future after the completion of the course. Adapt to Achieve is one of the leading career counselling company in Chandigarh, India. We have helped hundreds of students and professionals in the last few years across the globe. We invite you to be a part of our dream and give us a chance to help you in fulfilling your dreams.        

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