There are actually a plethora of career opportunities out there. But due to the lack of complete information and knowledge, people lag behind in their careers. And as a result, many of them go depressed. This is where the need for career counsellors arises. We can’t deny that most of the people don’t actually know where to get their queries resolved.

We are here with the solution and have prepared a list of top 10 best career counsellors in India. So, here we go!

1 Edu Career Wise

Edu Career Wise caters to create consciousness about the importance of competencies, aptitude, hobbies and persona in the chosen field of the client. The firm’s center areas are profession evaluation, resume constructing, professional workshops for college kids and their parents and guardians. Additionally, one-to-one counselling, processing foreign applications for other nations, steering on SOP and other information of foreign packages is also provided.

2 Growth Axis

Based in Bangalore, Growth Axis offers personalized career counselling to the students. It makes them aware about the diverse options available to them. This ensures that they make rational and intelligent decisions with regard to their career. The experts here put in their continuous efforts to bring out the best in its clients so that they take up the right path. 

3 Career Achievers 360

Set up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Career Achievers 360 has been ranked third in the list. Career Achievers 360 is one of the first-class platforms for counselling, mentoring, consulting, cognitive, multiple intelligence, admission, exams, and training updates. Their team of professionals also offer counselling services to high schools and schools. This is done through webinars, professional meets, admission updates, guidance, psychometrics, substances, resources etc.

4 ACA Sports Counselling

With a wealth of records on American universities and the admission process, the company taps into the right assets that give the most benefits to the scholars. The sports activities and scholarships are their area of expertise. They deliver a muddle-free advice considering the potential, attitude and aspirations of the scholars. ACA Sports champions and assists students to attain their high-quality profession goals and hand preserve them during the journey. They offer the services of psychometric tests, mock interviews, profile constructing. This is a one-forestall solution for all the professional steerage needs.

5 Adapt to Achieve

Based in Panchkula, Adapt to Achieve is one of the top 10 best career counsellors in India with hundreds of happy and satisfied clients. The team of experts and professionals have excellent records of transforming the career of their esteemed clients. They also give stress on delivering premium quality output while maintaining confidentiality. Experts here create customized profiles for the assessment of the skills, talents, interests, and potentials of the clients and then counsel them towards their best suited career. They also provide guidance to clients of every age group or sector. whether Their clients are students, juniors, seniors, university graduates, working professionals or entrepreneurs.

6 RiteWay Career Solutions

Founded by Dr. Jagadish Kundu in 2017, RiteWay believes that channelizing the human sources in line with their precise capabilities should be at the muse of an extremely good nation building. The company makes use of technology and human intervention to align those attributes with their profession so they become highly satisfied and successful. The experts become aware of the potential in their customers and channelize them for the proper career. They also advise approaches to constantly hone the ability to maximize the output delivered.

7 Dream Ahead

Dream Ahead is established by Ms. Preetika Sharma. The experts work collectively to provide the students with the proper knowledge for their careers and colleges. The experts employ the best counselling strategies and assist students in selecting the proper choices through administering numerous career evaluation tests. They conduct move selector exams, as well as psychometric and DMIT tests to assist college students understand their strengths. Therefore, they identify their improvement areas and perceive appropriate career alternatives in case of confusion.

8 Latityude

The company motivates the client to map out an educational and skilled blueprint leading to the desired profession. The sole purpose of Latityude is to attempt for happiness and cheerfulness among its clients and assist them attain their desires. Latityude strives to empower and train clients in finding conceivable answers to their issues. Due to this, the clients gain a perception into themselves, their skills, strengths, abilities, flair and capacity.

9 Nurturing Minds Center for Learning & Counselling

Nurturing Minds provides career counselling services across the globe. The professionals put emphasis on the student’s flair and the alternatives to be chosen from the field for themselves. Also, they offer their help to the underprivileged to guide them so that their talents and resources don’t go waste. They’re part of numerous counselling networks and organisations. Therefore, this allows them to attain out to the clients who want proper counselling.

10 The Bridge

Set up by Ms. Neetu Aggarwal in Surat, Gujarat, The Bridge provides profile assessment to understand a student better and provide him with gear to identify conditions for admission in the direction of graduation. Additionally, the team also offers counselling consultation to guide a student to align his career picks together with his passion and calibre.


We discussed the top 10 best career counsellors in India and can conclude from here that despite Adapt to Achieve has been ranked fifth in the list, yet it has come out as the best career consultancy in Chandigarh as well as in India. This is because of the fact that they also provide an in-depth solution to the confusions of the clients based on their through profile assessment. So, if you want the best career guidance in India, contact us now to get the desired results.

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