There are a lot of qualities needed to become a successful career counsellor. One needs to put in lots of effort, knowledge, and persuasiveness. With all these traits, one can become an astonishing career counsellor. With the increasing population of students every day, the need and demand for career counsellors are rising high. As a counsellor, there is a responsibility to take a psychometric test and understand what aligns with the student’s interest. After these steps, a counsellor can recommend a career counselling services to his client. It is a challenge for every person in this profession.

To make a career in career counselling Services, follow this guide. Here, you will learn everything for successful career counsellor

1. Learn Career Counselling Services Essentials

The first step is to learn the meaning of career counselling and understand how it works. In this process, the counsellor also helps the students understand themselves and make them realize where they want to see themselves in the future. The core purpose is also to make the student realize his inner potential using scientific methodology. They analyze the behavior and abilities of a person. Based on this analysis, they guide a student/professional for the most appropriate career option also available and formulate a roadmap to achieve the same. Career counsellors are a bridge between an individual or a happy career. It is not an easy field requires vast knowledge and skills.

2. Career Counselling Services Certification

A certification for career counselling adds value to your profile. It increases your credibility as a career counsellor. There are numerous career counsellor programs also available to become one. Due to increased credibility and reliability, it helps you stand out from the competition. Being certified does not prove that one is a good career counsellor, but one has the required knowledge and skills.

3. Get Hand-Holding In Career Counselling Services

For becoming a successful career counsellor, while taking training is not enough. Initially, you need to get hand-holding and support. A trainer/instructor who shall guide and support you also should be there. It will also make your career journey comparatively easy and comforting. Therefore, It helps you build confidence. Adapt to Achieve also provides extensive training in Chandigarh with continuous support.

4. Start Best-In-Class Career Counsellor Practice

Career counselling is not a theoretical subject. It is practical and measurable. Nowadays, most career counsellors use also multi-dimensional career analysis to find the path that suits them the most. Multiple dimensions include interest analysis, aptitude analysis, learning ability, and career motivators. Host best-in-class career counselling services to beat your competitors also. There are various career opportunities also available for trained and certifies career counsellors.

. Career counsellor also in schools
. Work with NGOs
. Trainer and mentor
. Work in a career counselling company
. Start your consultancy

5. Stay Up To Date

It is crucial to stay updated with the latest counsellor knowledge and counselling trends. You have to be aware of all the latest trends, career options, educational news, while practices to be the best and stand out of the competition.        


A career counsellor is a guiding light for his students. In India, there are around 5000 career counsellors but a youth population of 400 million. There is a need for more career counsellors. Therefore, there are innumerable opportunities available in this field to explore if you are interested. To know more, and understand the concept better reach out to us.

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