First, understand what exactly is a career goal statement. As implied by its name, it is the ultimate goal of your career. It is the personal vision of what your profession will be.

Your current job does not have to affect this. For example, there is an employee in a marketing agency. He plans to have his agency for software engineers. His ultimate goal will be to start his agency, and his career goal should be this objective. We will now tell you about some career goals statement examples. But before that, let us understand how to write a career goal statement.

How to write a career goal statement?

1. Take time and understand what you want to be. Understand where you want to see yourself in the future.

2. State your goals in clear and specific terms. Do not use vague or ambiguous statements.

3. The goals must be achievable. It means the objectives must be relevant, calculate the appropriate time-frame required to accomplish the goals.

4. Spell out all the steps needed to know how to achieve your goal.

5. Always make room for changes because the future is uncertain. Due to economic, personal, or any other factor, you might have to make few changes in your plan.

It is not only necessary while you are working. Many graduate schools ask for a career goal statement or statement of purpose. It plays a significant role in the admission process.

These are four career goals statement examples you can learn to have a brief idea

1. To become a forefront graphic designer in XYZ company in the next three years

To achieve my goal, I have planned to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in digital design. I also plan to undertake more courses and develop proficient skills related to my field in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. I also plan to improve my communication skills. It will help me improve my performance in the organization. I will also be working on imbibing a problem-solving attitude.

2. To become a marketing consultant in the next ten years-

My main focus is to get and double the customers of the company irrespective of the current position. I will first pursue MBA in Marketing. After that, I plan to start my career path in the sales department. I want to be a sales representative and then further move to other ranks. I also want to gain experience and exposure to develop the expertise of every department in marketing. Also, improve my communication, presentation, and selling skills.

Few more examples to help you learn

3. To become a social worker

My goal will be to provide early intervention services to infants, toddlers, and families in the coming five years. I will pursue a Master’s in Social Works. Before directly starting my organization, I want to gain experience for two to three years to understand all the work practically.

4. To become an engineering technician in the next five years

To achieve I will pursue an Associate’s degree in Engineering. I want to gain experience in a manufacturing company for at least three years. I also want to develop advanced skills related to my career. Apart from subject-related skills, I want to develop strong problem-solving and analytical skills. It will help in better performance at an organization. It will also help me demonstrating leadership skills while working on a project individually or in a group.


It is mandatory to put efforts into writing down your career goal statement to help you achieve your dreams. It will help you to plan your growth in your chosen profession. Experience the best career consultancy services in Chandigarh to develop a perfect career goal statement for your future at Adapt to Achieve.      

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