The world of professions and careers is dynamic. The work positions that exist today did not exist until five or ten years ago. The fast-moving employment environment makes students or young professionals feel anxious about their future. Most of the time, they are confused whether the skill set they acquire will be enough to achieve their dreams or they need more. What course to choose, which institute will be the best, and many more questions keep haunting in their minds.

At this point, Career Counsellor In India act as a guiding light for them. Career counsellors help individuals by building their skills for the future. They help them by drawing a roadmap to reach their dreams and goals. However, India faces a shortage of career counsellors. It implies that the career guidance industry has massive opportunities available in it. The crucial requisite of entering into this industry is career counselling certification. Now you’ll learn how to choose a career counsellor course in India.

How can one enter the career counsellor industry?

A career counsellor uses several tests and resources. With these tools, a career counsellor also helps his client growing as quickly as possible with minimum obstacles. To understand this, one needs to learn a rigorous career counsellor course first. The course teaches how to use various career counselling techniques and resources to help a student or professional. Depending on the recognition of the institute or organization providing the certification, a career counsellor can present the quality of his work using that. Recognition also helps in building credibility, and credibility acts as a great marketing tool for career counsellors.

Confused about how to choose the right career counselling course in India?

1. Trainer-led live training

Online or distant courses often fall short of the quality content required to become a successful career counsellor. It is mainly due to the pre-recorded sessions. Pre-recorded lectures have low engagement and uncertain relevance. There is no live interaction and doubt solving. The session turns out to be monotonous and heavy. It is not always necessary that the recorded content is valid for current circumstances or not. Therefore, one should always look for career counselling programs with live sessions, instant doubt solving, and an interactive class.

2. Curriculum

Once you have decided the mode of delivery you are going with comes the content. The curriculum is the backbone of the course and requires extra due diligence. One thing to notice is that the curriculum should not limit the knowledge and understanding of the career counsellor only to the Indian context.

3. Experience

An essential item to notice in a career counselling course is the number of years since the program has been provided. One should also know about the experience and feedback of the past candidates. The more the number of years of the course, the more is the organisation recognized. The ratings of the program by previous members also tell about the validity of the program.

Few more points on how to choose the right career counselling course in India

4. Hand holding

Career counselling is a course that cannot be considered efficient without using the hand-holding approach. After imparting the theoretical knowledge and providing all the required resources, hand-holding is necessary to implement the skills better. An institute should ensure that every career counsellor comfortably sets up their career counselling practice and can use all the tools and resources without any trouble.

5. Technology

Technology supporting the resources is critical. Career counsellors must invest in assessment technology that helps them in growing. They should not restrict their knowledge of providing career counsellors to a particular age or profession.


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