Career planning refers to discovering educational, training, and professional opportunities that also suit your interests, passion, and goals.

It plays a significant role in your entire life. It is how it can help you

1. Provide career goals and path

It is needed to set goals for your career and a path towards those goals. This guides you in a clear direction for your future. It will also help you identify your interest and write an application for education.

2. Develop competencies

Career planning motivates an individual to develop competencies for higher targets. The competencies can be conceptual, interpersonal, and technical. It also allows a smoother transition between studies and career.

3. Creativity

It is required to increase the creativity level of the employees. Innovation in the organization needs career planning. It provides direction towards entrepreneurship within the organization. It also provides networking opportunities. This helps better utilization of abilities.

4. Motivation

It motivates employees for higher performance as they start feeling more confident if their plan executes successfully. They can be assigned an upward position in the organization if they perform as per their plan.

5. Better productivity

It also helps in doing things in which one is good, resulting in better productivity. Increases your success rate. It helps in improving your time management.

6. Job satisfaction

Increases the employee’s job satisfaction. It also enhances employee commitment and provides the employees a sense of belonging and loyalty towards the organisation.  

7. Avoiding financial loss

You’ll have time to think about what you want to do. Career planning also encourages realistic planning. It will also help you avoid any financial loss you face if you choose the wrong career and realise.


It is dangerous not having a clear understanding of how you want your career to be. You should know what your career goals are. Set your goals keeping in mind where do you want to see yourself in the next five years. There is no clear picture of where your career is going. We often become complacent and directionless. You may end up feeling bored, less engaged. You’ll also feel you are most tired and will not feel fresh. You will not go back to work the next day happily. If you don’t have a career plan formulated while you need to step back, gain a broader view of your skills, talents, and what is meaningful to you to develop a clear career strategy.

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